My interest in whisky has increased tremendously in recent years, alongside the global desire to know more about this marvellous spirit.

Prior to meeting Les, if I drank whisky at all, which was extremely rare, it was a run of the mill blend with orange juice in it.

At our 1st meeting he ordered a whisky, telling me it was to steady his nerves).It had been served with ice! (Badly trained bar staff) The ice clanked constantly on the side of the glass as his nerves had obviously not yet steadied (can’t think why he was so nervous of little old me)?

Soon after we shared our first Single Malt Whisky together.It was a Glenfarclas which I had bought Les as a gift whilst on a business trip to Aberdeen. What is it about Aberdeen? (See Les profile)

I couldn’t believe how different this was from my earlier experience as this was so smooth and slipped down easily and it was remarkably enjoyable. This was the start of my personal journey to sample more and I couldn’t believe I was actually enjoying Whisky.

We attended The Scotch Malt Whisky Society events in Harrogate where I really discovered the variety of flavours in whisky and it intrigued me to know more.

I hadn’t realised until this time that I had a hidden skill in picking up the aromas found in Scotch whisky, and at a sensory evening won a 10cl bottle for my efforts. This comes in useful ever more so now because I get involved in sampling and assisting with tasting notes for events yummy!!

I’ve since discovered my favourite finishes is usually from the sherry casks as I love the fruity Christmas cake notes but I am progressing nicely through the different cask types, and have enjoyed some stunning Port finished drams.

Another love of mine is cooking & baking and as part of my Christmas a few years ago I received the book “The Whisky Kitchen”. I am still working my way through recipes and previously would never have thought it possible that food & whisky combinations can compliment themselves so much. This is an area I’d like to develop for our whisky events.

We’ve had the good fortune to have enjoyed a high number of distillery visits, every one having something unique about it, and experienced wonderful hospitality along the way,particularly when on the VIP tours. We’ve recently enjoyed a couple of visits to Speyside and the high concentration of distilleries in this small but beautiful area is amazing.  A trip to Islay in October 2013 was an incredible experience & we detail our visits elsewhere on the site.

By far my favourite part of these visits has been in the Warehouses, seeing the casks just sitting there doing their magic on the spirit, knowing it’s going to be many years in the future before the liquid gold is shared with the public.

During my personal whisky journey of discovery we’ve met many interesting people from different backgrounds and age groups who have become good friends all through sharing one common interest, great whisky and I look forward to meeting more!

Les is the real Whisky expert I just go along to help. I enjoy the socialising, tasting and assisting at the events. We had our own retail business a few years ago which I enjoyed and I’m looking to building up a gift shop on our website with a range of items to purchase for the whisky lovers out there!  I am open to requests or suggestions so feel free to contact me by email at   info@adramfinetime.co.uk