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I was born only 7 miles from a distillery close to Stirling, and when my father's work took him back to his home town of Elgin, the family moved north and I lived there for many years.Elgin is the major town in the Speyside area,where almost half of all of Scotlands malt distilleries are located.

Having tentatively sampled whisky in my teens, it was a few years later that i truly discovered the amber nectar. The trus love for this marvelous spirit began in earnest when I was introduced to Oban 14 year old, which with it's own unique style, aromas and flavour my mission seriously started to discover new and differant flavours and experiences.

My educational whisky journey took me through "The Whisky School" course run by Moray College and Gordon & MacPhail. This was complimented by numerous distillery visits and sampling an increasing variety of drams, whilst reading various books on the subject. Over 20 years ago I joined the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) as a member, and eventually had the good fortune to become an Ambassdor for them , and this took my interest & knowledge to another level, becoming engrossed in the unique nature of single cask, cask strength whisky that the society is so famous for.

Having recently completed the Edinburgh Whsky Academy qualification this has firther cemented my understanding and knowledge of this great spirit.

A Dram Fine Time was established to satisfy an ever growing  demand for whisky tastings which fell outside the normal remit of the society events.

In total I have succesfully hosted well over 300 events to groups of all sizes, nationalities, ages and experience, and most recently have had experience of on-line virtual tastings, which brings their own types of approach.

We would hope to be given the opportunity to come out to you and host your whisky event and share our passion with you and your fellow guests.